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K-13 and Soft Foam Thermal & acoustical insulation is spray applied to the complete interior skin of the building and becomes an integral part of the structure. All joints,  seams, and other voids are enclosed with a seamless monolithic blanket of lightweight, resilient, self-adhering, insulation fibers. The bond formed by spraying directly on the building's inner surface reducing condensation and controls thermal convection.

K-13 and Soft Foam acoustic insulation is particularly effective where reverberated sound is a problem, absorbing up to 100% of reflected sound, due to the high density of the wood fibers and the open celled foam used in the products.

K-13 and Soft Foam acoustic insulation will not chip, flake, or dust. It is also completely
unaffected by normal temperature fluctuation, and the durable, bonded material is nontoxic.

The surface of the material is attractive, and comes in several colors. The insulation can be pleasingly textured at the time of application to maintain and enhance architectural design.

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