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Spray-on Exterior/Curtain Wall


With present day emphasis on energy conservation due to accelerating fuel costs and structure protection, the use of exterior wall spray-on insulation is rapidly expanding in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and other low, mid and high-rise structures.

Mineral wool and fiberglass type insulations have been used almost exclusively over the years, gaining a blind acceptance. Many owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and curtain wall contractors and designers are unaware of the true inefficiencies of these wall systems. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how spray applied insulation resolves the inefficiencies of mineral wool and fiberglass.

Compared to the common method of applying insulation with clips and taping seams at studs, exterior walls spray-on monolithic coating provides a better thermal and sound control barrier.

By using the spray applied method of application, you will now realize better insulation value by drastically reducing air infiltration and condensation control. The facility cost of operation is controlled because of our products unique thermal insulation properties. High density, low flame spread rating, condensation control, and other product qualities make this an excellent method for facility protection.

Exterior wall spray-on insulation offers the modern means of controlling energy cost, noise transmissions, condensation control and facility protection concerning precast, marble, granite, spandrel panels and many other exterior wall products, while adding the ease of application at very competitive prices.

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