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Spray-on Acoustical & Thermal


Soft foam and K-13 acoustical and thermal spray-on systems are applied as an interior thermal insulation. Some of the typical applications are parking garage decks, metal buildings, tiltwall construction, mechanical rooms, athletic facilities, and metal roof decks, etc. in both new and renovation projects.

Through years of research and development, the process of spray on insulations creates total Acoustical and Thermal Spray-On Systems. Our system's ability to insulate is achieved by creating dead air space in minute air pockets in and between product structure.

Acoustics in both noise reduction and sound transmission control are achieved by the product's ability to trap sound in and between the interlacing cells and fibers. Noise and reverberation problems are corrected efficiently and effectively.

Corrosion and condensation problems can be corrected in high humidity areas through the use of these systems and proper ventilation procedures.

Specific programs and application procedures have been established for correcting particular problem areas such as hazardous asbestos. The use of our acoustical and thermal spray-on systems as replacement products has proven very effective in correcting such problems inexpensively. In solving these type situations, many other benefits can be enjoyed at no additional cost.

Soft foam and K-13 acoustical and thermal spray-on systems can be quickly and efficiently applied to virtually any prepared surface and construction configuration. This allows minimum working down time in existing structures, with abilities to meet critical deadlines in new construction.

The appearance of our spray on materials is characterized by a cloud-like finish and carpet like finish. A selection of standard colors is available. Special matched colors are also available for particular projects that require specific color schemes.

Soft Foam and K-13 acoustical and thermal spray-on systems. Today's proven insulation product for tomorrow's energy conservation and construction requirements.

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