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Spray-on Sound Partitions/Floors


With present day emphasis on energy conservation and noise control, the use of wall/floor spray-on insulation is rapidly expanding in apartments, townhouses, hotels/motels, office buildings, schools, hospitals and other low, mid and high-rise buildings. State, local, and federal laws governing sound transmission through walls and ceilings, as well as minimum energy efficient standards are being passed and enforced. To meet these stringent requirements, wall/floor spray-on insulation is the answer.

Mineral wool and fiberglass type insulations have been used almost exclusively over the years, gaining a blind acceptance. Many owners, architects, engineers and contractors are unaware of the true inefficiencies of these wall/floor systems. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how spray applied insulation resolves the inefficiencies of mineral wool and fiberglass.

When sprayed in place, Soft Foam and K-13/Celbar create a mass which produces excellent sound and thermal properties. Soft Foam and K-13/Celbar are spray-applied in wall and floor/ceiling cavities to form a monolithic coating. This process seals cracks and holes in the wallboard, around plumbing and electrical outlets, vent ducts and other irregularities. There are no compressed areas or voids to allow sound leaks, R value reductions, or air infiltration.

Soft Foam and K-13/Celbar provide superior sound transfer control demanded by building owners and occupants. Soft Foam and K-13/Celbar assemblies perform closer to lab tested STC/IIC ratings in the field than do other conventional batt and sound board systems. This is due to the complete coverage and the sealing action of Soft Foam or K-13/Celbar. Laboratory tests have proven that Soft Foam and K-13/Celbar produces significantly higher STC/IIC values than other identically constructed wall/floor systems.

Wall/floor spray-on insulation offers the modern means of controlling energy costs, noise transmissions, and facility protection, while adding ease of application at competitive prices.

Product Line: Demilec LaPolla  ● K-13/Celbar

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