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Wall spray insulation provides a superior barrier to heat and cold in exterior walls. The sprayed-in-place monolithic blanket completely seals around conduits, electrical boxes and other voids, thus eliminating all air infiltration channels. The result is an extremely effective and uniform thermal barrier. There is also the value-added benefit of acoustic properties.

By maintaining close adherence to all plans and specifications, the installation of wall spray rather than traditional fiberglass or curtain wall batts results in substantial energy savings. In even the most careful installation, fiberglass or curtain wall batts will shift, compress, and unseal during installation and can be damaged by other trades. When fiberglass insulation is installed vertically with air spaces on both sides, air interchange around the insulation increases the heat loss by 60%. (ASHRAE 1985 Fundamentals Handbook/Chapter 20/20.8)

Condensation problems common to fiberglass and curtain wall batt insulations are eliminated with wall spray's seamless, self adhering blanket. Energy savings are not the only benefit of using wall spray insulation. Downsized studs in the wall assemblies and down-sized HVAC units may be used, resulting in substantial initial savings as well as reduced yearly energy consumption.



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