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K-13: Fire Resistance

ICC products have been tested by a variety of laboratories including Underwriter¹s, Factory Mutual, Ohio State University and Southwest Research Institute. These tests subjected our insulation to direct fire exposure measuring both flame spread and fire endurance of the product when exposed directly to the fire.

These results include the following:

1. Class A Flame Spread 5 Smoke Developed 5
2. Protection over combustible wood building materials
3. Protection over combustible plastic building materials such as polyurethane and Styrofoam
4. Protection over structural steel to supplement automatic sprinkler protection in preventing structural failure temperature of the steel in high fire hazard occupancies
5. Protective coating to the underside of Class II insulated steel roof deck construction to sufficiently lower the rate of fuel contribution from Class II deck components to qualify the construction as Class I allowing automatic sprinkler protection to be omitted when permissible under Factory Mutual Standards.

In all of the above instances, K-13 was tested exposed directly to the fire under laboratory established conditions. It is clear that these products possess fire resistive qualities in and of themselves.

In both load bearing and non-load bearing interior and exterior walls, the wall structure itself (framing and panels) must provide the fire resistance necessary to withstand the ASTM E-119 procedure for the required duration (1, 2, or more hours). When placed within tested wall cavities, ICC products will not reduce the fire resistance of the wall assembly.


With reasonable ventilation drying will occur quickly and constantly. Moisture absorption testing indicates cellulose resists absorption and passes ASTM requirements of less than 15% gained under extreme conditions. Thermal performance is affected only slightly; a 10% moisture gain reduces thermal performance by only 15% and is restored immediately as the insulation dries out.


Surface Burning Characteristics

Class I, Class A flame spread rating per ASTM E-84, UL-723, NFPA-255 and UBC-42.
Flame spread - 5
Smoke developed - 5
Underwriters' Laboratories-Ref. #R5499

One-Hour Fire Wall Fire Endurance Tests

Wall assemblies tested in accordance with full scale ASTM E-119 including hose stream test.

ASTM Standards Compliance

ASTM-C-177 Thermal Conductivity
ASTM E-119 Full Scale Fire Wall Test, inc. Hose Stream Test
ASTM E-84 Surface Burning Characteristics
ASTM C-423 Noise Reduction Coefficients
ASTM C-523 Light Reflectance
ASTM E-736 Bond Strength
ASTM E-859 Air Erosion
ASTM C-739 Moisture Absorption
ASTM E-90 Sound Transmission Loss
ASTM E-413 Sound Transmission Loss
ASTM E-1042 Acoustical Absorption
ASTM C-1149 Spray-applied Cellulose Insulation

Test reports available upon request.

Miscellaneous Approvals and Specifications

ICBO - No. 2262
SBCCI - No. 9566
Underwriters Laboratories - Ref No. R5499
Los Angeles - RR-24311
New York - 79-73-SM
Dade County - 92-0107.8
Federal Defense Logistics Agency Cage Code: ONJU2
Department of the Navy Guide Specifications - NFGS-07218
Corps of Engineers Guide Specifications - CE-201.01
Federal Specification - SS-S-111C
Factory Mutual Research - Report Nos. 19678, 20399, and 24703
Meets California Bureau of Home Furnishings Standards
EPA 40 CFR Part 248

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